The Top 5 Instant Win Games Online

November 8, 2017

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Instant win games are the rarest of gambits in the online casino world, but there are many users out there who prefer them to anything else.

Though many of the instant games only offer incremental wins, some titles offer huge wins – as big as you’ll find on most slot machines across the internet.

The types of games differ substantially, and the emphasis is primarily on fun. Whereas slots can get a bit boring and repetitive, the gameplay on instant win is so varied with quizzes, racing, arcade games, and much more all available.

Let us guide you through our favourite instant win games, but read carefully, some of the games may be fun, but the wins are a little devious…

Mega Money Rush

Mega Money Rush is one of the most entertaining cash games out there, where else can you race an arcade car for money?

The premise is quite easy, on starting the game you are met with a wheel which has 8 sections. One section is a Surprise where you can win money, XP to take you to the new level, and powerups to help you race. One section gives you 100 XP. Three sections give you powerups. And two sections are where you get to race, and ultimately win money.

In the game, you’ll fly over deserts, speed through rivers, and drive through jungles. The races are reminiscent of the old classic Sega Megadrive game Out Run where you need to avoid the obstacles, and switch lanes to collect the coins. Every obstacle you hit will cost you money, and each coin is worth 1/100th of your bet, but there are treasures that you pick up along the way which have bigger prizes. The amount of treasures you will be able to get is determined by another wheel where you can hit 3, 4, or 5.

The game is a great alternative to the traditional titles out there, and good money can be won too. The house edge is at 6.5%, the minimum bet is 50p, and the maximum bet is £100.

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Mega Money Rush can be played on Royal Panda

Cash Buster Towers

Cash Buster Towers

Cash Busters Towers is a hugely entertaining and addictive instant win game, which leaves you on tenterhooks throughout.

The aim of the game is to knock all the bars down and claim the cash. With every spin, each box at the bottom will display a number between 1 and 5 (which knocks between 1 and 5 bars off the stack), a star, a circle, or an arrow shape. The shapes go toward the mini-games on the right-hand side where you can win money, free spins, or bars to knock off the stack.

Watching the stacks come tumbling down towards their monied destinations creates a great buzz and drama, but coming so close to that huge £2,000,000 or £50,000 win can be really frustrating. Of course, there is no skill involved in this one, it’s all down to luck.

The house edge on this game is at 14.7% which is one of the worst percentages you’ll find across any game title, and you can bet 50p to £50 per game.

Cash Buster Towers can be played on Foxy Casino

Max Damage and the Alien Attack

Max Damage And The Alien Attack casino

Max Damage and the Alien Attack is probably the most elaborate and contemporary cash game around on the internet today.

Playing the game brings back memories of the classic Space Invaders, and essentially it’s the same, but Max Damage is even more intricate with special powers, 9 different levels, and big bosses. Plus the graphics are superb.

However, before you get carried away, it needs to be said that though the game is a load of fun, you do need to read the instructions on startup very carefully so you know how to win, because if you don’t, you could be a down a dozen or so pounds after a couple of levels.

You can bet between 1p and £2.00 per ship you explode, there is a £200,000 jackpot, and the house edge is a very decent 3.3%.

Max Damage and the Alien Attack can be played on Vegas Hero

Gears of Fortune

Gears of Fortune is one part lucky wheel, one part quiz game where prizes are in excess of £200,000 can be won.

Though pub quiz machines are ten-a-penny, there aren’t too many quiz games online where you can win real money, but Gears of Fortune is a great intermediary between quizzing and slots.

The game works by spinning the cog. The arrow will then land at a cash cog, a key, or at a hazard. A cash cog will count towards a prize which is either 2x, 3x, or 4x your stake. A key will prompt a general knowledge question, and if you get it right you will get one symbol of a Jackpot Gear. A hazard symbol is how you lose the game, getting five will mean it’s game over.

You can bet between £1 and £200, and though the hazards are 33% of the symbols, the house edge is between 1-2%!

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Gears of Fortune can be played on 21Bets

Diamond Deal

Diamond dealer

Diamond Deal is all about luck. Every game is the same, it never changes, but huge money can be made.

The game is a really easy one. On startup, you are met with 50 squares concealing 10 diamonds. You must click on a square with every go, if you fail to find a diamond you will lose one of your four lives, if you hit a diamond you will be given a cash-out option, and you will regain your four lives. Your cash out option will then remain until you’ve lost all of your lives, but will fall with every life lost, and rise with every diamond you find.

Big money can be won on Diamond Dealer with jackpots as high as £490,000 available if you find 10 diamonds in a row, but knowing when to walk away is the key to this game.

The betting limit is £1 to £50, and the house edge is 3.88%.

Diamond Deal can be played on Net Bet

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