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July 24, 2018

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Kerching may not look the bee’s knees, but those who aren’t beautiful on the outside are usually the most beautiful on the inside. Except orcs. And ogres. And goblins. Okay, let me rephrase that: some who aren’t beautiful on the side are very beautiful on the inside.

Anyway, the reason why we’re here is that we want to tell you about the best games at Kerching Casino. And there’s bloody loads of great ones too. A fine choice.

We do have a full Kerching casino review for you, but for now, let’s get on with the top 5 games at Kerching Casino

1) Rainbow Riches

Top o’ the morning to ya! Can you believe that Rainbow Riches was created way back in 2010? That is quite mad, especially when you consider just how grande it is.

One of the annoying things about slot games these days is that for all the beautiful visuals, the games are usually let down by limp or non existant bonus rounds. No such problems here with our Paddy mate, though, because you get two lovely bonus rounds and they’re not just free spins! Thanks a million, RR!

With regards to the other important stuff, you’ve got 5 reels and 20 paylines. Graphics wise, ehhh, they’re not all that great, but graphics often mask deficiencies in gameplay. Afterall, you don’t play games to admire the visuals, you play games to enjoy yourself.

The house edge isn’t all that great at 5%, but it ain’t bad either.

And finally, here is our Rainbow Riches slot review in full if you want to give that a whirl.

2) Rocket Men

Oh man, as if this is a game. And how quick do people mock this stuff up? Unreal. This is probably the cheekiest slot game on the internet right now, taking the appropriate piss out of both Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.

In the game, you’ll see ladies arse-cheeks with Don written on them, Donald Trump playing golf, and the pair arm in arm after the bonus round is complete. In this day and age, it’s kinda amazing how they get away with this kind of thing. Maybe the US authorities don’t have their ear to the ground when it comes to slot games.

But though this slot is a proper pisstake and an hilarious concept, it’s also a bloody great game too and there are some really, really cool bonus rounds. You can see our video above to see one of them in action.

The stats? 5 five reels, 20 paylines, and a house edge of 3.88%. Explosively fantastic stuff!

This game is one of the hottest about right now, so get yourself down to Kerching and play it!

You can read our full Rocket Men slot review here.

3) Wild Circus

There are a lot of circus games around on the casinos of the internet, but are any of them as good as Wild Circus? I’m gonna go with a big fat no.

This slot has wonderous visuals. Like really wonderous. Look at the rendering, look at the graphics; you almost want to reach out and just touch them they look so glorious.

But what I like about this game the most (and when I say like I mean love), is the flipping bonus rounds. There’s a ton to choose from, and each one of them are different in their own little unique way. You can check the video just above to see what one of them looks like.

In terms of the stats: there are 5 reels, 4 paylines and the house edge is a very decent 3.82%.

You can read our full Wild Circus slot game review here.

4) Cleopatra


Everyone loves a progressive slot game because everyone wants to hit that biiiiig jackpot! Unfortunately, it has to be said, Kerching are a bit frugal with their progressive slots, there’s no Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune for example, but they do have this beauty. So it’s not all bad, eh?

Cleopatra’s jackpot is part of IGT’s Mega Jackpots which is made up of Monopoly, Cluedo and Cleopatra. The wins are paid on average every 11 weeks, and the average win is £850,000. The biggest win ever recorded was over £2m back in September 2013.

In terms of the game, the visuals are a little bit dated and there’s no autoplay option, but it’s still a pretty good slot with a decent little bonus round and big payouts.

The house edge is 4.98%, there are 5 reels, and you can bet between 1 and 20 lines per spin – but if you want to hit that jackpot you’ve got to bet on all 20 lines.

For your convenience, here is our Cleopatra slot review in full.

5) Live Football Studio

Like your baccarat? Like your football? Well if you’ve answered yes to both of those questions then is certainly the game for you.

Though, in truth, even if you don’t like either, you’ll still probably enjoy this game because it’s not that football orientated and it’s not as complex as baccarat.

On Football Studio – which was only launched in June 2018 – all you have to do is simply bet on the home team (the first card dealt), the away team (the second card dealt) or the tie. What you’re betting on is which card will be higher, the home card, the away card, or the tie. It’s really, really easy, but a lot of fun, and something a little bit different from the norm. The dealer also chats through the latest football news while you play! You can see exactly how it’s played just above.

The house edge is 3.73% when you bet on home and away and 11.36% when you bet on a draw. The payouts are 1/1 for home and away, and 11/1 for a draw.

And we’re again at another end of a blog post. Time passes by so quickly when you’re having fun, doesn’t it?

Kerching Casino is a bloody great casino to play games. It only has 300 of them on offer, but it really is home to most of the best on the internet. We love the games above, we really do, but if you’re looking for something a little bit different you can browse through our gaming library or read our Kerching Casino review.

Happy Gaming!

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