The Top 5 Games at Prospect Hall Casino

July 13, 2018

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You don’t often come across an online casino as beautiful as Prospect Hall, but when it comes to games, which ones are the best to play?

Well, as you’ve probably guessed already, that’s why we’re here. Below we’ve chosen a selection of great slot games, table games and instant-win games that Prospect Hall have to offer on their wonderous casino.

We have a full Prospect Hall casino review, but for now, let’s get on with the top 5 games at Prospect Hall Casino

1) Starburst

Mate, I can hear you sighing from here, don’t be like that. Starburst is an absolute classic. Yes, it may be spoken about a bit too much, but if a casino contains Starburst and you’re doing a top 5 game list, how can you leave it out?

Starburst is the classic slot game. Everyone knows it, everyone loves it, everyone can play it. Starburst will provide you with the same kind of enjoyment whether you’re brand new to slots or you’re a wily old veteran.

5 reels, 10 paylines, and there’s no bonus feature to confuse you either. That’s why it’s so great because it’s so simple, plus for a game made in 2012, the visuals are wonderful.

With a house edge of a very good 3.9%, this game just has to be there or thereabouts.

Here is our Starburst slot review in full.

2) Divine Fortune

Absolutely divine. Divine by name, divine by nature. Divinicious. Nah, that one’s shit, but hey, Divine Fortune ain’t is it? Top game from a top company in NetEnt. The lads, back at the workshop, creating an outrageously beautiful game once again. They are masters at consistency. Really.

Divine Fortune is one of the games that makes you stand up and applaud. I mean, you only need to watch the video at the top of the page to see how beautiful it is. Look at the rendering, look at the graphics, look the animations. It’s so crisp, smooth and serene. It’s a game about Greek Gods, and it feels like it’s been made by a Greek God. It’s divine.

The game’s also accompanied by a great soundtrack and works perfectly on mobile as you would expect from a game that was created in 2017.

There are five reels, 20 paylines, and the house edge is a very decent 3.4%. Very decent all round!

Here is our Divine Fortune slot review in full

3) Casino Heist

Oh, good golly. Ohhhh mama. What a game we have here Ladies and Gentleman. What. A. Game. Can I get, “a hell yeahhhh?” *tumbleweed*

Anywayyyy, Casino Heist. What a game! What a world! What a casino! What a life! This is the businesssss. Imagine winning money on a game by shooting fucking bank robbers whilst playing with a guy who’s hanging from a rope being held by a guy who is enormously strong despite his slender frame.

Aim of the game? Kill all the bank robbers before they kill you and pick up the keys that are dropped once a robber is killed. Simple. The way you make money is by opening the doors after you’ve killed all the bad guys. Easssssyyyyyyy! The video at the top shows you exactly what it’s like.

The house edge is 4% and you can choose between how much you want to bet before each level. Love. Ly.

4) Jimi Hendrix

Right, I’m going to apologise now. I’m sorry, I’m an absolute Jimi Hendrix nut, so when I saw this slot game was on Prospect Hall, I had no choice but to include it on this list. He was a magical man, with magical fingers and a quite magical brain.

The Jimi Hendrix slot isn’t quite as good as Jimi Hendrix himself (what is?!), but where else can you play a slot game over such incredible music like you can here. It’s not possible, so on soundtrack alone, this slot is on the list.

But even when you look past the soundtrack, this slot game has a lot of other strings to its guitar like the awesome gameplay, the quite beautiful flowery visuals, and the silky smooth animations and transitions.

The house edge is really low too at 3.09% and there are four fantastic bonus rounds. Excuse me, while I kiss the sky…

Here is our Jimi Hendrix slot review in full

5) Rocket Roulette

Rocket maaaaaaan. Burning out his fuse up here alone. Or something like that anyway. And just before we go on, Rocket Roulette is in no way related to Elton John. Not his brother, not his dog and not his Dad.

But the question on the tip of your tongue is, “Why the bloody hell is Rocket Roulette different from roulette?” and I’ll tell you for why or how. How, init. To be honest, you’ve probably worked it out on your, own haven’t you? Yes yes, it’s Rocket Roulette and a rocket is fast so it’s…fast roulette! Basically, anyway.

On Rocket Roulette you’re literally given 10 seconds to place your bets and it’s all live so you’re flying through games – like a rocket maaaaan. This may be too fast for some people, but for those who are experienced roulette players who want to rattle through their games in a live environment, this game really is perfect.

Everything about Rocket Roulette is the same as normal roulette and they use a European Roulette table. Lovely, lovely stuff.

So there we are. We are at the end, and it’s quite emotional isn’t it? There are many great games at Prospect Hall, but we love those ones above, we really do. We love them like a man loves his pet ferret. Unconditional, but not too sad when he dies because he can always get another one like we can play another game if we get bored of one of the few above. There’s over 200 more to choose from on Prospect Hall after all.

To have a browse for yourself, you can take a look at this Prospect Hall review, but if you want to take our word for it. Have a click through the links above.


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