The Best 5 NetEnt Games At Kerching Casino

August 14, 2018

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There is no slot game provider out there who do things as well as NetEnt. Actually, maybe Yggdrasil do. But forget them for one minute, NetEnt are the boys!

And one thing that’s really annoying about Kerching Casino? You can’t filter games by slot provider. So what have we done? Well, we’ve created this list so you can find the best slot games created by the best (or second best) slot game provider out there.

If you want to know a bit more about Kerching Casino, you can look at our a full Kerching casino review, but for now, let’s look through the 5 best NetEnt games at Kerching Casino.

1) Aloha! Cluster Pays

Every time I see or hear the word Aloha, I automatically think of that Miller and Armstrong sketch when old, jilted Jim goes on honeymoon on his own. Don’t know what I mean? Well, I’ll link you the video here and see whether my editor notices or not.

But sad as it is to say, the game isn’t based on the Armstrong and Miller sketch, no mama, it ain’t. It’s actually a cartoony little Hawaiian venture with eye-piercingly, vibrant colours and a radiantly, lovely soundtrack.

The animations are great – working like a silky smooth Hawaiian garland, the symbols are super cool, and the bonus round is grande too.

House edgewise, we’re at a very lovely 3.58%. Paylines? 36. Reels? 6. Excellent.

For your convenience here is our Aloha! Cluster Pays slot review.

2) Jumanji

Jumanjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Jumanjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Jumanjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Jumanjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

If you sing that opening sentence in Jack Black’s voice you may know what I’m singing. But you also may not seeing as he only ever sang that song on the Graeme Norton Show, but it really, really gets stuck in your head because every time I see that word now, I can’t think of anything else.

Right, back on track. The Jumanji slot game is one the freshest slot games out there at the minute only being released a few weeks after the blockbuster Jumanji film came out, but I’m afraid to say there is no Jack Black, nor Kevin Hart, The Rock or Karren Gillan. I’m sorry, but this wasn’t my choice.

However, please don’t be too sad as this is a quite wonderful game. For me, what makes a slot game stand out in the bonus rounds, and what does this game have? A bloody superb, funky bonus round. In fact, you actually get a lot of them. Watch the video above to see how exactly it works.

Stats wise, we’re looking at 5 five reels, 36 paylines, and a house edge of 3.7%. Jumanjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Also, here’s our in-depth Jumanji slot game review.

3)  Starburst

Starburst is a classic, it really is. I don’t want to hear your arguments that it’s overplayed, over advertised and overrated. Yes, it may be spoken about a lot, but you can’t keep Starburst out of many top 5 lists.

Starburst is the classic slot game of the 21st century. Every newbie, veteran and non-veteran / non-newbie can play Starburst, it’s just so easy to get into and it will still provide you with pretty much the same enjoyment as anything else out there can.

The reason why it’s so easy to play? It’s just simple, old-school slots with no bonus feature and nothing odd on there to confuse you. That’s why it’s so great, because it’s so simple, plus for a game made in 2012, the visuals are wonderful.

With a house edge of a very good 3.9%, this game just has to be there or thereabouts on any list.

Here is our Starburst slot review in full.

4) Dracula

Find me a scarier slot game online and I’ll find you a liar. You’ll be the liar! Because there isn’t a scarier game on the internet! Haha, get it?

Dracula, as the name would suggest, is a ghoulish game which has a Dracula-faced-man residing on the left-hand side of the screen who acts very skittish and every so often moves forward and screams right in your face – the first time you see it you’ll jump right out of your skin! Actually, maybe not anymore because I’ve just ruined it for you, haven’t I? I’m as bad as your mate at work who tells you everything that happened in Games of Thrones last night even though you told them at least three times that you haven’t seen it and you don’t want to know.

Anyway, getting back on subject. Dracula, what a game. Once you get past the creepiness, a fantastic slot is waiting for you full of awesome animations, great bonuses and cool little video interludes.

Statistically speaking, the house edge is 4%, we have 5 reels, and there are 40 paylines. Blood-suckingly good *groan*.

Here is our Dracula slot review in full.

5) Butterfly Staxx

Oh yassssssss! Not to boast or show off, but I have played a lot of slot games in my time, and I don’t think anything beats Butterfly Staxx for me in terms of visual beauty and enchantment.

I love a game that just lures you in with artistry and charm. It makes you love the game before you’ve even played in, and it’s definitely the feeling I get with Butterfly Staxx. The game doesn’t even need to be good for me to love it.

But the best thing is that the game is good! The animations, transitions and the gameplay is also grande, plus not only do you get a free spin bonus round, but you also get a lovely little feature with butterflies and cocoons. You can see just how that works on the link below.

The stats: house edge of a wonderful 3.2%, 5 reels and 40 paylines. Ex-cell-ent!

Come here for our full Butterfly Staxx review!

And we are at an end. That was quick wasn’t it, I must say. Time bloody flies when you’re having fun!

Kerching Casino offers some fantastic slot games on their site, and thankfully they also offer some fantastic NetEnt slot games as well. If nothing on the above list takes your fancy, you can browse our game library, or you can come here and check out our Kerching casino review.

Happy Gaming!

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