The 5 Best Games at Fun Casino

March 29, 2019

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With a name like Fun Casino, one can only expect a dizzying array of games offering all kinds of thrills, bright visuals and (most importantly) ways to win. This online casino certainly offers that, but it’s all bit easy to get overwhelmed. What if you don’t want to play any old game but the best of the best?

That’s exactly what we’re going to look at. We should, of course, tell you about the Fun Casino bonus too, which is a lovely 100% deposit match up to £998 + 111 free spins, but it’s the slots games we’re here for isn’t it?

So right below we’ve picked apart and taken a closer look at five of the best games at Fun Casino, why they rock, and what you can expect when you get stuck into them.

One last thing, we have a full Fun Casino review for you, or if you just want to dive over to Fun Casino you can do that too.


1) Steam Tower


Get the top hat and the monocle ready, because it’s time for an evening constitutional around Victorian-era Britain with a difference! No, you might not remember giant steam towers and dragons from history class, but the outlandish Steampunk premise is only made better by excellent gameplay.  

The aim of the game is spinning to win while climbing the titular Tower to rescue a princess. Every Free Spin sees you climbing further with the kind of crisp gameplay and simple-yet-effective visuals you would come to expect from a top developer like NetEnt.

There are 5 reels, 15 paylines, with stacked wilds, Free Spins that can get you a multiplier of up to 7x and all from only 15p a spin, giving is some serious bang for buck.

There’s an excellent house edge of 3%, as well, so this is one tower that’s worth the climb.

2) Gonzo’s Quest

No, it’s not the Muppet character, but once you get over the disappointment, there’s a lot to love about this one bearded bloke’s adventure. Delving into ancient ruins as Gonzo the Explorer/Conquistador/plunderer-of-Azetcs, this is another NetEnt joint delivering excellent themed visuals, crisp animations and no jittery or jarring transitions.  

The Mesoamerican theme is a good bit of fun, with Aztec symbols serving as the symbols you’re trying to line up, and whopping great odds of 2,500/1 if you hit five of the best paying symbol in a row. Get three of those shiny golden stones and you get three spins, too! It’s simple, but damn, it’s effective.

There are five reels, 20 paylines, and a fine 4% house edge. All-in-all, this is one quest that’s worth getting off your arse for. Given how good it is, it’s no surprise Gonzo’s Quest is one of the most popular games not just on Fun Casino, but at the best online casinos across this good old internet.

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3) Jumanji

No, your house isn’t going to be eaten up by fast-growing vines, swarmed by bats, or suddenly invaded by a man with a very big moustache and an even bigger gun. Nor are you going to have to think about that godawful remake at all. A Robin Williams replacement, Jack Black is not!

Instead, what you’re going to get is a game themed around all the animals of the Jumanji jungles, matching lions, alligators, rhinos and great big bloody birds. But what’s most fun about this game is the quirky board setup. Not only do you get a chance to win when the reels stop, but also when the symbols jumble around. Sometimes, the board gets even more chaotic with, for instance, rhinos stampeding across to introduce wilds to the equation, offering a third chance to win on one spin.

With 5 reels, 36 paylines, and a house edge of 3.7%, this is one board game you won’t be bored gaming with, hahaha. Haha. Ha…. Okay, moving on.

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4) Asgardian Stones

Join Black Widow, Captain America, Iron Man, and… oh, wait, it’s not that Asgard? Sorry, then.

No, Asgardian Stone isn’t about Thor the Marvel character but Asgard, the actual bit of Norse mythology. You don’t need to become a Scandinavian ancient religion nut to see the beauty in this game, though. It’s all about matching up faces on the reels (which are probably based on some Norse Gods). However, as you spin, sometimes massive stone faces (or letters) appear, making it all the easier to get those line-ups leading to a win.

Hit one of the wilds and a wheel appears above, offering a decent 3/8 chance of hitting the casino bonuses, which are most often free spins.

The music is bombastic, the visuals are mystical and vaguely Viking-ish (so therefore awesome), and you have 5 reels, 20 paylines, and a 3.6% House Edge.

You can read our full Asgardian Stones slot game review here.

5) Berryburst

The title alone is likely to be giving you flashbacks to Starburst and that’s probably intentional. The two slot games share a lot in common, but thankfully, it’s all the good stuff about the more-famous quasi-relative and none of the bad.

Like in Starburst, you will find excellent visuals, smooth animations, and a no-mess, no-fuss approach to video slots here. There’s no bonus round, but what it does offer instead is an awesome 3.44% House Edge. This one’s all about matching fruity symbols to a bouncy, electronic beat, with five raspberries in a row offering a sweet 5,000/1 in return.

Berryburst spices things up with both regular Wild’s and expanding Wild’s that grant you re-spins at a fairly decent rate, as well.

This one might not exactly reinvent the wheel, but it shows a damn good understanding of how the wheel works, with 5 reels and no pay lines, but a chance to win through clusters of five symbols across any direction.

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The world of online casinos is absolutely jam-packed and ever-growing with fun new games and where else would you expect to find fun casino games but at a Fun Casino? From simple games done right to some of the more complex and engaging for the old pros amongst you, the five listed here should have plenty to offer just about anyone looking for something new and exciting.

You will be hard pressed to find games better than the ones we’ve mentioned here, but Fun Casino has literal hundreds on offer, so feel free to read our full Fun Casino review of the site or dive in yourself if you think you can handle all that dang fun.

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