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We love roulette. There are so many different types across the internet from the traditional versions to the likes of Zoom Roulette, 3D Roulette, and Roulette Pro. And the best thing? They are all available at a number of online casinos which you can find on Casino Circle.

The game has a mystical prestige around it. Throughout history, roulette has been played by the gentry and the upper-class and has been the backdrop to a number of great films including Casino Royale and Cooler.

The 20th century saw the game, and casinos in general, become less elitist and more accessible to the masses, and the emergence of the online casino in the 1990’s only further cemented roulette as a game for everyone.

Roulette is loved by the online world. There is no awkwardness of leaning over people to place your chips on the table, no need to get dressed to head to the casino, and no need to even leave your bed.

It’s one of those games which transfers beautifully to the online sphere, especially on a touchscreen phone or tablet where you actually have the ability to stack your chips up like you would in a real, brick and mortar casino.

Throughout its very short life, roulette online has evolved into something quite fantastic, with constantly improving graphics and lifelike feel. The evolution of the spinning wheel online had been a hot topic for the online aficionados since launch, with many people upset at the way it worked, but even that particular gripe has pretty much vanished in recent times.

Online roulette comes in many shapes and forms with a huge array of variants out there. Here are a select few.

  • AMERICAN ROULETTE – Of the traditional three variants, American is the one with the significantly worse house edge as there is an extra 0 meaning the edge doubles to 5.26%
  • EUROPEAN ROULETTE – Arguable the most popular version and the one with the best chance of winning. There’s one less number than the American version so that house edge is only 2.7%
  • FRENCH ROULETTE – The French version is almost identical to European one, but you have the option of insurance betting so you can get half your money back if the ball falls on 0
  • MULTI-BALL ROULETTE – This is where you can play with up to ten balls on the same wheel at the same time giving you more chance of winning
  • MULTI-WHEEL ROULETTE – As the name suggests, this game has more than one wheel to play at once just so you can get through games faster with less waiting around
  • SPINGO – Spingo is an eclectic mix of bingo, lotto and roulette fused into one game where you bet on various colours and numbered lotto balls

We also have a full roulette guide for the novice and the expert.

With the emergence of live dealer in 2003, and the move to mobile in 2012, the online variant has only blossomed, and that upward trajectory is only likely to keep on going as the online casino world continuously develops.

There is so much choice online, so it’s hard to find the right casino offering the best roulette games, that’s why we’re around. Have a look at our current favourite casinos offering the best selection from the table below.

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House Edge

House Edge

The house has a very minimal edge over you in roulette. With European Roulette the advantage for the house is 2.7% and with American Roulette it’s 5.26% because of the extra number, the 00, which doesn’t exist in the European version.

Betting Options

Betting Options

Each variation of roulette offers a number of different betting options, and you can place multiple bets during each spin. The two main types of bets are “outside” and “inside” and there are varying betting limits for each type of bet.

Betting Odds

Betting Odds

The pay-outs in roulette range from 35/1 to 1/1. Hitting a number is the most profitable winner while winning on a colour, even or odd, and high or low are the least rewarding. You can also split numbers, bet on rows, columns, dozens and more for varying odds.

The UK's Best Online Roulette Sites Are Just A Spin Away

And you can find them on Casino Circle. Why? Because we love it!

You might not have played roulette before but you’ll have seen it at some point. But where did it come from? It’s said the first kind of roulette (meaning little wheel in French, funnily enough) was created in France in the 18th century. Historians claim mathematician Blaise Pascal developed an early version a century before, in his quest for a perpetual motion machine. The mechanism itself is a combination of two things: an 18th-century gaming wheel and French game, biribi (which inspired the modern lottery and bingo games we enjoy today).

Nowadays, there are loads of roulette variants. While the original game is steeped in upper-class traditions and features in some legendary films such as Casino Royale and Ocean’s Eleven, the modern online versions are available to everyone. The advantage of playing online roulette is there’s no need to get dressed up and conform to strict etiquette. You can play in the comfort of your own home, in your pyjamas if you want!

We’ve looked at its history and the style - what about the rules?

In a nutshell, you play with the wheel and a ball. The wheel has numbers 0-36. Players place bets on either a single number, multiple numbers, the colours red or black, odd or even numbers, or a range - high (19–36) or low (1–18). A croupier spins the wheel and spins the ball in the opposite direction on the circular "track" above the numbers. Eventually, the ball falls into one of the numbers grooves and the wheel stops.

That’s the classic European version. With the American variant, you get a "double zero" wheel - a zero on either side. But the game has evolved a great deal in the last few years as game developers find new and wonderful ways to push the wheel that bit further. Graphics continue to improve and unique rules added to create new games of their own. There are no two types that are exactly identical.

A further look at online roulette will show you why they’re so popular on online casinos.

Reading about it is one thing - playing is another! Thanks to the introduction of live dealer games in 2003 and mobile roulette games emerging in 2012, the experience continues to change. But it’s all for the better as more games offer more ways to win and exciting gameplay. 3D roulette (which you can play at OddsKing Casino) might sound superfluous on paper - why not just go to a real casino? - but the graphics are consistently evolving. And there’s that thing of staying in bed in your PJ’s while you play (unless you like wearing tuxedos at home for no reason!)

There are strategies too, involving mathematical reasoning that can help you gain an edge of your own.

While they don’t guarantee wins, they can help you reduce your losses and increase your chances of winning. There are two main systems:

The Martingale System - This is one of the oldest betting systems, starting in the 18th Century. Here’s an example:

You bet £10 on red.

You win and bet £10 on red again.

Then you lose, so you bet £20 on red. You lose again, so you bet £40 on red.

You lose again, so you bet £80 red.

You then win, and you’re now ahead £20.

In a nutshell, you bet £10 on a chosen colour (doesn’t have to be red), and continue to do so every time you win. If you lose, you double the amount until you win and go back to £10 per winning bet.

With enough of a bankroll, your chances can go from 47% to 86%. But there are some flaws. Most tables have a betting limit so doubling your bet can only go so far. There have also been stories of establishments banning players from playing this way so be careful.

The Labouchère System - Also known as the “cancellation system” or “split martingale”, it’s more complicated but it can still help you make a profit. A full breakdown of how it works can be found in our roulette guide but here’s a gist. Write a list of numbers down like 1-2-3. Assign each number an amount (£1, £2, £3) and bet an amount adding up to the first and last number. If you lose, add the next number to the end (4). If you win, cross off both numbers from the list (1 and 3). Like so:

Bet £4 (1+3), lose. Add 4 to the end, leaving 1-2-3-4

Bet £5 (1+4), lose. Add 5 to the end, leaving 1-2-3-4-5

Bet £6 (1+5), win. Remove 1 and 5, leaving 2-3-4

Bet £6 (2+4), lose. Add 6 to the end, leaving 2-3-4-6

Bet £8 (2+6), lose. Add 8 to the end, leaving 2-3-4-6-8

Bet £10 (2+8), win. Remove 2 and 8, leaving 3-4-6

Bet £9 (3+6), win. Remove 3 and 6, leaving 4

Bet £4, lose. Add 4 to the end, leaving 4-4

Bet £8 (4+4), win. Remove 4 and 4, ending the chain.

It’s not something you’d take to the casino due to its complexity, so online roulette games are the perfect testing ground.

Okay, we’ve bombarded you with the best games and their rules. Now it’s your turn to play. And Casino Circle has all the best roulette games available at the tap of an app.

Disclaimer: Online gambling is illegal in some jurisdictions. It is your responsibility to check your local regulations before gambling online. Only players over 18 years old can register at online casinos. Playing online casinos, slots or bingo should remain a form of entertainment.

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