World Cup of Casinos – Last 16: Prospect Hall Casino vs Fun Casino

July 5, 2018

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Two young whippersnappers of the online casino industry face off in the first in our series of casino comparison articles. Prospect Hall and Fun Casino may not yet be household names in the industry, but they’re nipping at the heels of the big boys, and in fact, taking the lead in some areas.

As many of you would’ve learnt from buying a car or going to a restaurant; the bigger brands don’t often do the better job, and what these lads don’t spend on advertising, they spend on making their casino prim and proper. Anyway, without further ado, let’s get into it…

User Experience

Prospect Hall vs Fun Casino review

This one isn’t even going to be a contest, really. Anyone who’s been on Prospect Hall will know that one of its most appealing traits is its beautiful, classy design. Prospect Hall offers a quite beautiful website, the visuals are stunning and the colours are so stylish they’re almost velvety, while the navigational journey is also excellent with great game filters which load instantaneously.

In contrast, Fun Casino’s layout looks a bit dated. But hold your nelly, we aren’t saying it’s necessarily bad – the filters are good, and all the navigational buttons are easy to find – it’s just that Prospect Hall have probably the most contemporary casino on the internet today. It’s just so dazzlingly beautiful. To be honest, when you land on the page it gives you a similar feeling to when you walk into a grandiose hotel or you walk into a really classy restaurant – it’s just got that wow factor.

Prospect takes the early lead – 1-0.

Prospect Hall takes the win


Prospect Hall Fun Casino

What Fun Casino give away in looks they more than make up for in personality. Fun Casino is the person who can’t get a Tinder match but cleans up in the club – they’ve just got the gift of the gab, or in this case, the gift of the games. This creature is home to all your favourite games like Starburst, like Gonzo’s Quest and like Jimi Hendrix while there’s a host of progressive slots including the millionaire-making behemoth’s of Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune, plus shitloads of tables games and live casino.

Unfortunately, in comparison, Prospect Hall may be a beauty, but they’re quite dull once you get to know them. The games are LACKING, brother. Lacking badly! Come on, honestly, there’s three progressive slots – that’s it, capiche, nothing more. I don’t like that, you don’t like that. We expect better from a beauty. And live casino, oh mother. It’s even worse. There’s two. 2. TWO! Come on maynnnn. Not good. Not good at all. Slots are dece, that’s true. All your faves are there, but I can’t see past the lack of progressive slots. I’m here to win big, and I can’t do that at Prospect Hall.

Fun Casino takes the point here, easily, and it’s 1-1 – game on!

Fun Casino takes the win


Fun Casino vs Prospect Hall review

We’ve got a close one on our hands here, ladies and gents. There’s not much to choose between the two sides because they don’t offer really anything more than the initial welcome offer. Prospect Hall do tease you a little bit by saying, “we’re offering you the best promotions each day!” but in fact, they don’t. You’re instead whisked off with a 100% match bonus on your first three deposits up to £300 + 100 free spin welcome package and then cast into no-mans land and made to fight it out on your own.

And on Fun Casino that’s pretty much the same deal too, but it’s a bit bigger here. At Fun when you register you get 11 free spins, then it’s a 50% match bonus up to £499 + 100 free spins on your first deposit, and then the same again on your second deposit.

There aren’t any daily bonuses, weekend bonuses or anything like that with either casino, but you’re privy to almost a grande’s worth of bonuses at Fun Casino so they have to take the point here. 2-1 to the Funsters. “1-0 and you fucked it up,” sing the Fun Ultras.

Fun Casino takes the win

Deposit and Withdrawals

Fun Casino Prospect Hall review

As we head into the latter stages of the games, Prospect Hall really need to bag now to equal up the scoring. What have they got to offer? Well, quite a lot, actually. All the popular payment methods are available at Prospect Hall including the ever-illusive PayPal which you don’t see at that many online casinos. Plus, there’s no minimum withdrawal or withdrawal limit. Big effort from the Prospect Hall gang late on.

But can Fun Casino fend them off? Well, they’re gonna give it a mighty good try because even though they don’t offer PayPal, they do offer all the other popular payment methods PLUS Bitcoin! Woooof. Bitcoin casinos are very rare, even rarer than PayPal, so this is a major coup. However, there is a minimum withdrawal at Fun Casino which is £20 and a maximum withdrawal of £5,000. Hmmm…

I think this one has to be a draw. I do love that Prospect Hall offer PayPal and don’t have a minimum withdrawal, but how can you look past a casino that offers Bitcoin plus all the other payment methods? You honestly can’t. I’m hurting my bum here because I’m sitting firmly on the fence. I’m sorry, there’s just no choosing between the sides on this one.

Score draw – 1 point each

Scores on the Doors

So then, despite the late barrage from Prospect Hall, Fun Casino takes a huge win in what many will see as a major upset. Right, I’m gonna compare this to one of the World Cup matches, because the similarities are all there.

This is basically Uruguay vs Portugal in the Round of 16. Portugal may have all the handsome men, they may play the stylish stuff, but Uruguay as a team were just so functional and what they lacked in style they more than made up for in performance and capability. And that is Prospect Hall vs Fun Casino in a nutshell.

Prospect Hall is a real beauty, like, really beautiful. But scratch beneath the surface and everything’s not as glossy as it seems. In certain areas, things are just lacking, and the functionality just isn’t quite as accomplished as Fun Casino.

It is a turn up for the books, it has to be said because Prospect Hall looks like a darling, but Fun Casino just does things that much better.

Congratulations, Fun Casino – 3-2 winners

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