The UK’s Best No Wagering Casinos, Ranked

There’s nothing better in the online casino industry than playing with bonuses and free spins which have no wager requirements.

But unfortunately, there aren’t that many online casinos out there who are offering no wagering promotions in this day and age.

The good news is the UK Gambling Commission is clamping down more and more on unfavourable and ridiculously large wager requirements. The times they are a-changing, as Mr. Bob Dylan would say.

“So what are wager requirements?” I hear you ask. Well, basically, when you sign up to a casino and you’re given your “free” deposit bonus, you usually have to play through that bonus a certain number of times. And that certain number of times is rarely low.

Generally, it’s as high as 40 times, but I’ve seen casinos out there who want you to play through the bonus 80 times before you can withdraw your money.

So let me do a bit of math for you: say you get a deposit bonus of £400 and you have to wager that 40 times, that means you have to wager £16,000 in total before you can withdraw the money that you’ve won.

Staggering, right?

It’s quite unlikely that you’ll still have money in your account by that point, and that’s just the conservative wager requirement. Having to play through 80 times means you have to wager £32,000.

Give me a break, already!

But thankfully, not every online casino is like that. There are loads of casinos now that don’t come with mammoth wager requirements. We call those no wager casinos!

We’ve selected some great online casinos below that offer no wager requirements, and they’re not any old casinos either. They’re all top class online venues who not only offer great no deposit casino bonuses or no wagering bonuses, but also offer a fantastic gaming experience too.

This list is updated on a constant basis as we scour the internet to find those old and new casinos who are offering fantastic and lovely offers for their new gamers, so if you’ve already exhausted the below list, head back over in a few weeks to take advantage of some more!

Happy gaming!

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New casinos often offer bigger bonuses than more established casinos to attract new players and build their customer base. Most bonus offers from new casinos consist of free spins on a specific game and at least one deposit bonus.



We only feature new casinos that take security seriously, using the very latest in online security to protect your data, and more importantly, your money. If a new casino makes our list below, you know it’s a safe place to play and deposit.



We scrutinise all withdrawal policies on new casinos to ensure that when you win, you can withdraw your money quickly. We also check the casino is run by a reliable company with proper gambling licences in place, so you always receive your cash.

No Wagering = Freedom to Play!

The idea of no wagering requirements is amazing. You have the freedom to play as much or as little as you want without the burden of rules to keep you from getting your winnings immediately. But why do wagering requirements exist at all? They used to be few and far between back in the day but players used them as a way of laundering money. That's to say they'd put illegally acquired money into the casinos and withdraw it as "clean money".

That's when casinos took a stand and introduced wagering requirements so any money deposited would need some form of playing to get it back. That would mean spending the money which was out of the question. But that also lead to high wagering - upwards of 50 times the deposit amount and that affected legal players. Any winnings you had to start could evaporate in minutes. What’s the point in that? You could be playing, have not read the terms and conditions and try to withdraw, only to lose your bonus.

Intervention from the UK Gambling Commission has helped make things fairer and that lead to no wager casinos such as the ones in the list above. They’re mostly new casinos with fresh offers and all your favourite slots games to choose from. New sites mean new and regular promotions too and if they're on CasinoCircle, you can trust they're of the highest quality.

But in case you need some more info or some answers regarding wagering requirements or no deposit bonuses, we’ve created an FAQ just for you.

What's a wagering requirement?

Let's explain with an example:

You've signed up with Circle Casino.

Their welcome offer is 100% up to £200 + 50 spins with Starburst. You deposit the £200 and you get a £200 bonus along with your 50 spins to use with Starburst. however there's a wagering requirement of 50x. So you have to spend 50 times your deposit before you can take any winnings out of your account. That could also include the bonus added on top. 

50 x £200 = £10,000 + £200 = £10,200!

It doesn't take a genius to realise that's a bum deal if you're not a regular player. No wagering casinos are where it's at to avoid this happening.

Can you withdraw your money if you don't meet the wagering requirements?

Yes, but there's a catch. If you withdraw funds before meeting the set stipulations, your bonus expires which is what you probably signed up for in the first place. There may also be other "penalties" so like we've said, read the T&C's first.

Can you avoid wagering requirements?

Besides using no wagering casino, they're unavoidable everywhere else. They started as a preventative measure but have now become an industry standard.

Are wagering requirements easy to meet?

That depends on the game you play. To avoid players meeting the requirements on games with low house edges like roulette, they are usually restricted to slot games. The casino will always have enough of an edge to win overall but you could be one of the lucky ones who walk away with a jackpot.

What is a playthrough bonus?

It’s just a bonus with a wagering requirement. Online casino change names to make them sound less formal or scary but the result is the same. Good thing is there's none of that at a casino with no wager requirements.

What are no wagering casinos?

Exactly the opposite of the scenario above. If there's a welcome bonus and you deposit something, you can withdraw any winnings straight away. That's it. Simple, right?

Are casinos without wagering better than casinos with wagering requirements?

There's not a clear cut answer to this one (sorry). It's all down to preference. The offers and potential wins with casinos that have wagering requirements are more lucrative than no wager casinos but obviously you have to play through a lot to get them. There are pros and cons to both sides. Ultimately, it's your choice to make but it's important to read the T&C's before you dip in.

Will casinos get rid of wagering requirements completely?

It's doubtful. Unless it became a legal requirement to remove them (which would take years to even implement), it's unlikely casinos would relinquish that control. Aside from the anti-fraud measures, they're a different kind of "house edge". Casinos have to make money to keep the games that you play - even the no wager ones, and given the risks posed by not having them, they’re here to stay.

How does the UK Gambling Commission help with no wagering?

The UK Gambling Commission regulates gambling and supervises gaming laws in the UK. They cover all forms of gambling from amusement arcades to remote betting, bingo and casinos - both online and offline. One of their biggest aims is to keep crime out of the industry. One way of doing that is requiring casinos to have a licence from them. This shows they are reputable outlets and can be trusted.

The wager free casinos on the list above and on the rest of the site have these licences so you can be sure you're playing safely. And while it's unlikely wagering requirements will disappear, the UK Gambling Commission has been working to reduce them and that ties in nicely with these wager free casino. No wagering equals freedom to play after all!

We hope that has answered some questions you may have had. It's all to benefit you as the player. As someone who will be depositing their own money to gamble, you should have all the facts before making a decision on what casino you play at, no wagering or otherwise.

Now, check back on that list above and have a great time playing!

Disclaimer: Online gambling is illegal in some jurisdictions. It is your responsibility to check your local regulations before gambling online. Only players over 18 years old can register at online casinos. Playing online casinos, slots or bingo should remain a form of entertainment.

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