Ice-cold gamer wins $1.8m on slot machine in Las Vegas casino

October 10, 2017

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A British gambler hits the jackpot four times in the Aria casino resort while playing $5,000 spins

Three Jackpots In One Night

A video posted onto YouTube at the end of September shows British businessman Paul Newey, who used to own the company Ocean Finance, winning the jackpot four times in a few hours pocketing $1.75m in the process.

Newey is first shown winning the $1m jackpot before later hitting a $400,000 win. At 7.30am in the morning, the British high roller is then shown hitting another $400,00 jackpot just as his friend is seen eating a plush meal metres from the slot machine.

“One million dollars, 5,000 a spin. Three white sevens. One million, lovely,” quipped the bleary-eyed New cooly on his victory before giggling in excitement.

The Brit is then shown later winning again, “5,000 a spin, just hit 400,000. Three mixed sevens. Lovely jubbly.” he proclaims, barely flinching.

Filming in most Las Vegas casinos is usually banned, apart from on special occasions when punters win big.

Paul Newey, who is a successful poker player on the PokerStars tour, founded the debt consolidation business Ocean Finance in 1991 before selling it for $200m in 2006.

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