Floyd Mayweather To Feature In New Online Poker Game

November 27, 2017

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The recently retired world boxing champion Mayweather has become a character on the Texas Hold ’em variant mobile game Wild Poker ran by Playtrex and Hero Digital Entertainment.

Mayweather, who hung up his boxing gloves at the end of August after his super-fight with Conor McGregor, is a regular casino player and boasted a big jackpot win in Las Vegas in September.

With the online gaming market worth $37 billion, and an annual growth of 15%, it’s little wonder that Mayweather, who owns a number of businesses and an extensive property portfolio, has taken an interest in the new game.

“I’m constantly asked to put my name on stuff, but Wild Poker is different than any game I’ve ever seen,” said Mayweather

“It’s poker, but it goes to the next level. There’s a whole new level of strategy with the power-ups. It’s a cutting-edge game – this is that next thing, and like everything I put my name on, Wild Poker is the best ever.”

Mayweather is rumoured to be making a six-figure sum for putting his name next to Wild Poker, plus a further cut depending on how well the game does.

Wild Poker’s initial beta release was in 2016, but the introduction of the former boxing champion is expected to bring a different dimension to the game.

“We are ecstatic to attach one of the world’s most recognizable athletes to Wild Poker,” said Hero Digital Entertainment CEO, Ed Mills.

“Our mission with Wild Poker is to evolve the social casino genre to make it more fun and appealing to all types of players. By adding Floyd as a presenter within the game, it shows that we are committed to providing game experiences that can’t be found in any other social casino game,” explained Playtrex CEO, Daniel Kashmir.

On Wild Poker players don’t gamble real money, but you can purchase in-app upgrades to give your character an advantage in the game. The game is a twist on the traditional mode of Texas Hold ’em poker where characters have superpowers like seeing the next card, checking your opponent’s cards, and smelling fear in your competitor.

Mayweather is a character in the game, has his own “special skill”, and is also the presenter in the game.

The game can be downloaded for free from the Google Play and Apple App Store.

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