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October 11, 2019


Spintwix Streamer Review

Spintwix was one of the fastest-growing slot streamers of 2019. What makes this bearded slot fan so beloved by the streaming community? Let’s find out!

Who is behind the Spintwix slot channel?

Spintwix is a slot streamer from the Netherlands with the most wonderful beard, and a completely relaxed take on gambling. A true slot veteran, he knows the ups and downs of the slot game and celebrates the dry runs just as much as the big wins. Spintwix often takes part in slot tournaments with his good friend and fellow Dutchman David Labowsky.

What can you expect on a Spintwix live stream?

On the Spintwix channel, you can expect a lot of relaxed fun, a few beers and lots of user comments about the streamer’s impressive beard. His wife (who has no clue about how slots works) often drops in to be taught what wilds and scatters are. It’s pretty hilarious to watch a complete newbie be trained in slots while the mega wins roll in. Spintwix tends to play with medium-sized bets, around €5 or so. As we will see below, it’s still enough to produce some decent wins.


Which casino games does Spintwix typically play?

It’s fair to say that Spintwix loves playing NetEnt games, and these feature heavily in his streams. One thing we really like about spintwix is that he doesn’t just play the same slots as everyone else is currently playing. He isn’t afraid to play the old NetEnt classics like Guns n Roses or Wild Turkey as well as the hot new releases. Of course, if you absolutely insist that your streamers play a bit of Danger High Voltage and Jammin’ Jars, then Spintwix is happy to oblige.


What have been the biggest wins on the Spintwix channel (so far)?

Just a few weeks ago, in February 2020, Spintwix won a massive €13000 on Dead or Alive 2. In terms of cash, that was the biggest win he has enjoyed up until now. However, perhaps an even more impressive win came last year when he wagered just €6 and ended up walking away with €8000 on NetEnt’s Cash-O-Matic. With such a hot run of wins with this provider, it’s pretty clear why he prefers NetEnt slots.

Where and when does Spintwix stream slot content?

Spintwix streams every day – apart from Wednesdays – on his Twitch channel, from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. He also uploads highlights packages every few days to his YouTube channel. YouTube actually banned poor Spintwix last year, as part of their regular crackdown on gambling content, but thankfully have now let him back on the platform.

How many followers does Spintwix have?

As of February 2020, the Spintwix Twitch channel boasts over 14,000 followers who tune into his slot streams. While this might not come close to some of the mega-streamers, Spintwix was actually one of the fastest-growing channels of 2019, trebling his followers from just 4000 at the start of last year. Those are pretty impressive numbers. Spintwix also has a YouTube following of 3,850 subscribers, and if the platform hadn’t banned him for much of last year, this would probably be a lot higher. How far can he go in 2020? He seems to be adding around 1000 a month, so is on course for the 25k mark by Christmas time.



We really enjoy the Spintwix channel, as this streamer has such a genuine and fun personality. He also isn’t afraid to just play the slots he likes, instead of chasing whichever high-volatility title is the current crowd favourite. We think he can aim for 25K Twitch followers by the end of 2020 – and assuming he doesn’t get banned from YouTube again, rebuild the subscriber base on that platform too.

Author: Frank

Frank Arnred is a copywriter and iGaming blogger based in Aarhus, Denmark. He writes for a number of casino blogs and has recently gotten into streaming himself in a big way. Frank hopes to one day win big on a Megaways slot like his slot streaming heroes.

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