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October 11, 2019


Nick Slots Streamer Review

Nick Slots is a slot streaming channel based in the UK, broadcasting on YouTube and Twitch platforms. It is one of the oldest slot streaming services, starting off life in 2016, and maintaining a loyal audience of slot fans. What is the secret of its success? Let’s have a look.

Who is behind the Nick Slots channel?

The presenter of this channel is a guy called Nick Preston, who together with other slot veterans runs the highly professional CasinoGrounds content brand. He has been around the slot world for several years, as both a player and on the marketing side. Although that might suggest a conflict of interest, Nick does seem to offer an unbiased and fair appraisal of the slots world. We really like that a significant share of any profits goes to good causes.


What can you expect on a Nick Slots stream?

Nick is the kind of guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and is not afraid to show the emotions generated by a high-volatility rollercoaster slot session. We like that Nick isn’t afraid to show his epic fails as well as his big wins. See his “FAIL! Ginger Tim Westwood getting smashed on slots” video for proof of this.  One thing we need to mention is the level of swearing on this channel, which is very high. Many streamers now go for the sweary style, in an attempt to emulate Nick, but he was the one who popularized it, and he hasn’t really calmed down over the years. Expect at least two uses of the F-word per minute. At least.


Which casino games does Nick Slots typically play?

You can see the typical slot streamer favourites in action on Nick Slots. Razor Shark, Danger High Voltage, Safari Megaways, and other high volatility slot titles make up the bulk of each stream. If there is one criticism that could be levelled at Nick Slots, it is that he doesn’t try to expose hidden gems to his audience. Popular games are popular for a reason, but if streamers just focus on the same slots, there is little choice for viewers.

What has been the biggest win on the Nick Slots channel (so far)?

The channel’s biggest win so far occurred in March 2019. In common with many slot streamers, the win happened on Primal Megaways by Blueprint Gaming, where £27,000 was won during the bonus round. What makes this colossal win even more impressive is that the bet size was just £5.

Where and when does Nick Slots stream slot content?

Nick Slots streams to YouTube and Twitch 4 days a week (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays). Streams start at 11 am GMT and continue until the middle of the afternoon. Spreading his audience across both channels seems a wise move, as it allows Nick to be protected from any channel shutdowns.


How many followers does Nick Slots have?

As of February 2020, Nick Slots enjoys over 34K subscribers on YouTube and another 25K on Twitch, for a combined 60K regular viewers. His numbers show steady organic growth on both channels and have the potential to reach a combined audience of 100K this year.


Nick Slots is a highly popular slot streaming channel but won’t be for everyone. Nick’s robust style and high swear rate alienates as many viewers as it attracts. But this style is undeniably attractive to a lot of slot fans, and the fact that Nick understands slots so well, and gives so much charity, means the channel should continue to grow into 2020.

Author: Frank

Frank Arnred is a copywriter and iGaming blogger based in Aarhus, Denmark. He writes for a number of casino blogs and has recently gotten into streaming himself in a big way. Frank hopes to one day win big on a Megaways slot like his slot streaming heroes.

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