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October 11, 2019


Casino Daddy Streamer Review

Casino Daddy is the second most popular slot streaming channel right now, in terms of combined YouTube and Twitch numbers. Much of this popularity is down to insane amounts of hard work, impressive levels of casino knowledge behind the scenes, and a slot wizard named Jesus. Can Casino Daddy become top dog of the streaming world in 2020? Let’s take a look.

Who is behind the Casino Daddy slots channel?

Casino Daddy is actually made up of a group of Nordic streamers who run the aboutslots website as well as their streaming channels. Different faces come and go, but one of the mainstays is a guy named Jesus who seems to enjoy supernatural levels of luck in slots. Jesus is responsible for the bulk of the profits of Casino Daddy and was involved in a rather nasty incident in Sweden in 2018, almost being killed by a car. He is thankfully back to full fitness now and continues to print some big wins for Casino Daddy.


What can you expect on a Casino Daddy stream?

Casino Daddy’s streams manage to strike the right balance between displaying passion and giving valuable information to viewers. It’s clear that they run a professional outfit and know the casino world inside out. Some very impressive giveaway offers are available every week, with thousands of euros in raw cash up for grabs. Stake sizes on Casino Daddy vary from low to quite high, and their big wins never feel unrealistic (unless Jesus is spinning the reels). A word of warning: some of the Casino Daddy streamers have the most Nordic accents, ever, and Ante’s voice, in particular, gets grating after just a few minutes. But maybe that’s just me.


Which casino games does Casino Daddy typically stream?

The Casino Daddy streamers play a mix of their own personal favourites as well as viewer requests. Go-to slots include Captain Venture, Sword of Khan and of course Jammin’ Jars. Megaways slots such as Safari Gold also feature prominently.

What have been the biggest wins on Casino Daddy’s Slot channel (so far)?

Casino Daddy regularly hit decent-sized wins while playing slots. Jesus tends to get the best of them, including a 3000x win on Magic Mirror Deluxe II in 2018. This win was worth €15,000, playing with €5 bet sizes.

Where and when does Casino Daddy stream slot content?

Casino Daddy is surely one of the hardest working slot streaming channels out there. The boys stream 12 hours a day, every day, and have done so for over 3 years now, streaming simultaneously over Twitch and YouTube. If you prefer to watch highlights, then Casino Daddy also uploads the best of each day’s action to their YouTube channel, every evening.

How many followers does Casino Daddy have?

As of January 2020, Casino Daddy enjoys over 131K followers to their Twitch channel, with another 57K YouTube subscribers. This places them second in the current streamer rankings (behind Roshtein) and they are trending up on both channels. Casino Daddy is on course to hit 200K combined subscribers by the end of the year.



Casino Daddy is certainly a popular streaming service, and in 2020 have a decent chance of overhauling Roshtein in the subscriber stakes. They need to brag about their big wins a bit more to do this though. The streaming world doesn’t reward shrinking violets, so they need to put Jesus and his money printing skills out there a lot more.  If they can also add some lady streamers to their roster, Casino Daddy would be able to tap into the large female slot fan base and bump up their followers. We wish them well in 2020 and recommend you check them out.

Author: Frank

Frank Arnred is a copywriter and iGaming blogger based in Aarhus, Denmark. He writes for a number of casino blogs and has recently gotten into streaming himself in a big way. Frank hopes to one day win big on a Megaways slot like his slot streaming heroes.

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