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October 11, 2019


The Bandit Slot Streamer Review

The Bandit has enjoyed perhaps the steadiest growth of any slot streamer. The channel started broadcasting on YouTube in 2016 and now boasts over 40,000 subscribers. The high stakes manner of The Bandit’s uploads means many casino fans flock to the channel in search of excitement. What’s more, The Bandit organizes monthly prize draws for subscribers, and even uses the income from the channel to donate to charity. Recent problems with YouTube restricting content are the only fly in The Bandit’s ointment, but we trust him to overcome this challenge soon.

Who is behind The Bandit channel?

Although his name isn’t public, The Bandit is an English slot fan based in Wales, known for his high-stakes style of play and dry wit. As well as taking on the toughest high-roller slot games, The Bandit also runs the crowdfunding site, which aims to award a non-League football club a million quid.


What can you expect on a Bandit upload?

The Bandit is one of the highest-stake slot players around. He likes to play with the kind of wager sizes which most of us would find scary, but there is a vicarious thrill watching him play a high-volatility slot at £10 a spin. With so many emotions running hot, you can’t blame his occasional blue language. You can also expect to find prize draws every month whereby signing up to a recommended casino gives you the chance to win a cash prize up to £500.

Which casino games does The Bandit typically stream?

The Bandit plays a lot of different slots, but because of his high-stakes style, certain slots naturally dominate. The Bandit seems to love playing Reel King, which is probably down to his lucky streak on the slot (see below). But he also plays fan favourites like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Mystery Box, Dead or Alive and Primal Megaways.

What have been the biggest wins on The Bandit channel (so far)?

The one standout epic win was on The Bandit’s favourite game, Reel King. In 2018, he made use of the game’s gamble ladder bonus to spectacular effect. This feature gives you the chance to gamble all your wins on a classic 50/50 spin. The Bandit went into this round on a hot streak, a high balance and walked away with more than £600,000. This win cemented his popularity among slot fans.

Where and when does The Bandit upload casino content?

The Bandit hosts his video uploads on YouTube, although to get around content restrictions, you can only view these streams and videos via his backinamo website. Content is uploaded twice a week (on average), with a midweek and Sunday sessions being the general schedule.

How many subscribers does The Bandit have?

As of January 2020, The Bandit currently has 45.9K YouTube subscribers. The Bandit shows slow and steady growth, with a remarkably loyal following. If YouTube were to stop banning him, we think this growth would be even faster. Perhaps it’s time to move to Twitch?



The Bandit is the go-to slot streamer for those looking for high-stakes, high-adrenaline casino fun. The monthly prize draws also are a big draw for The Bandit’s fans, and it’s nice to see a streamer giving back to charities. YouTube’s restrictions are the only challenge for this slot streaming channel, and we hope The Bandit can find a solution soon.

Author: Frank

Frank Arnred is a copywriter and iGaming blogger based in Aarhus, Denmark. He writes for a number of casino blogs and has recently gotten into streaming himself in a big way. Frank hopes to one day win big on a Megaways slot like his slot streaming heroes.

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