The UK’s Best Mobile Casino Apps, Ranked

Every Tom, Dick & Harry has a mobile app in this day and age. If a casino doesn’t, they’re simply being left behind.

But with so much choice, which is the best one to choose? As you might have guessed by the table below and the headline above, that is why we’re here!

How many mobile apps do you have on your phone? I’ve just counted through mine and I have 77. And I actually use a fair percentage of them a lot of the time.

If I want to translate something, I’ll use the Google Translate app. I’ll use the YouTube app for video. I’ll use the Google Maps app for my sat nav. But I’ll also the use the Guardian App, the Vice app, and the Prospect Hall app as a way to bypass my browser and head straight to the product I want to read and enjoy.

Mobile apps are usually so much faster than using your browser. Just think about the apps you use for everyday things like Facebook and Twitter and then think of the ballache it would be to go through your browser every time to access those sites. Not fun, not enjoyable, not quick, and not easy!

But mobile casino apps are. I’m sure as gamers you love a casino that offers an app, and are dam frustrated, and even bamboozled by those who don’t, “It’s 2018, man. You don’t have an app yet? Sort yourself out, Goddammit!” That’s usually my reaction. An online casino not offering an app makes me turn American and makes me say Goddamit.

Thankfully though, we’ve trawled through a vast number of casinos to find you not just 10 casinos that offer mobile apps, but the best mobile casino apps in the UK. Because, there’s one thing offering a mobile app, and there’s another thing offering a mobile app that’s actually good.

I don’t want no slow app that freezes on me and breaks while I’m in the middle of a big win! I want a silky smooth app experience which never lets me down and is simple and easy to use.

And that is exactly what we have below – 10 magnificent mobile casino apps from 10 of the best online casinos.



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We only include apps that are home to a good range of mobile-friendly games



The included casinos take security seriously to make sure your data & money is safe

Best Bonuses

Best Bonuses

We only feature casinos that are offering great welcome bonuses for mobile gamers

The lowdown on UK casino apps - what you need to know

For such small devices, smartphones contain a lot of data. You can pack nearly 256GB of information onto some smartphones and most people who use that up fill their phones with photos and apps. But if you’re a casino player, you might consider making room for some mobile casino apps. In this section, we’ll be taking a look at some of the advantages of apps and some advice on how to get the most out of them.


Although there aren’t any significant differences between browser-based gaming and casino play on native apps, there are a couple of advantages to the latter. A native mobile casino app is more likely to have a better UX (or user experience). This stems from a need to comply with rules set by the operating system (mainly iOS and Android). It’d be no use for a casino to create an unusable app that no one downloads considering how time-consuming and costly it can be to create them. Because of that, it might also be quicker to use an app as navigation will be easier. On a browser, you might have issues with the website or the browser app itself.

Android or iOS?

The age-old debate: which operating system is better? But we’re here for mobile apps, so we’ll leave that to others to argue. Due to popularity, most developers prioritise iOS for their apps. But it’s worth noting that Android is the #1 operating system in terms of user numbers and it was one of the first to allow apps for online casinos. That means more variety and potentially more support. At the time of writing, the latest version of each are iOS 12 and Android Pie. If you download an app and it isn’t quite working, make sure you have the minimum required version.

But how do you get mobile apps for either OS? Well, Android have the Play Store and iOS have their App Store. There’s a native Play Store app on all Android devices - just search for your casino app of choice and download. It’s the same for iOS so no issues there. Just make sure you only download apps from those places. Downloading apps from elsewhere pose the risk of viruses that could damage your phone or leave you vulnerable to phishing scams.

Device to see you!

You’re going to need a device for these mobile apps. If we include tablets as well, there are hundreds to choose from. Many are equal in features and tech specs across different manufacturers but most popular mobile devices are:





Galaxy S series (phone)

Galaxy Tab (tablet)

Foxconn (for Google)

Pixel phone

Pixel tablet



Whichever device you choose, you’ll need at least 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and try to keep your OS up-to-date. That means iOS 12 as of May 2019 and Android Pie (although Q is due out in the last quarter).

Tips for casino app users

Device? Check! Operating system? Check! Security? Erm…

There’s plenty to think about when you use any app, let alone a casino app. Here are some things to consider:

  • Use a secure internet connection

Since you’ll be gambling with money online, it’s crucial to have a safe and secure internet connection when you do it. Open networks can easily be hacked and people can gain control of your data to steal from you. That’s why it’s best to use a closed secure network with a WPA2 password to protect you from a potential attack.

  • Be safe with your password

And that brings us nicely onto the second tip - password safety. Never give your phone or casino app password to anyone. Anything can happen and ultimately, you’ll be responsible for what happens afterwards. It’s also important to have a secure password and not something anyone can guess. That includes using the same password for multiple accounts. You’ll effectively be creating a “master key” that way. Sophisticated systems require passwords with a mix of alphanumeric characters and symbols but it also needs to be something you’ll remember otherwise you’ll just lock yourself out.

  • Mind your data use

If you can’t use WiFi, there’s always mobile data. Mobile providers give at least 1GB of data on affordable monthly plans but it can disappear quicker than you’d think. Loading up video slots and images take up lots of data, especially if they’re elaborate. So try to use a WiFi connection if you can to avoid having to fork out more money than you’re winning on data just to play.

  • Preserve battery life

All of this will have an effect on your battery. The largest use of phone battery isn’t apps themselves but actually your screen being on. Do you need to have the screen on full brightness if you’re at home in the dark? Turn it down and preserve some battery. Turn off Bluetooth and location if you’re not using them. Same for background apps that use your data while you’re not using them. If you aren’t on WiFi, turn it off. If you aren’t using mobile data, turn that off too. It’s a bit like when you were a kid. You left the light on in a room you weren’t in and your mum or dad asked whether you paid for the electricity. Turn it off!


Smartphones and tablets are becoming more advanced at an extraordinary rate. That’s why casinos have to keep up with the changes so their mobile apps are the best they can be for you, the player. Other things to consider in a good casino app are number of playable games, easy navigation, and responsiveness. Ask yourself: can I do basic things on this app and can I do them easily? If the answer is yes, it’s a good ‘un!

Disclaimer: Online gambling is illegal in some jurisdictions. It is your responsibility to check your local regulations before gambling online. Only players over 18 years old can register at online casinos. Playing online casinos, slots or bingo should remain a form of entertainment.

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